Our DNA, Mission and Core Values


Expertise : Our clients require solutions that are comprehensive and tailor-made for them.

High Quality Service : We take complete responsibility for what we advise our clients and ensure that the service is of high quality and home-delivered.

Pleasant Experience : Through delivering expertise and high quality service, we strive to make insurance a pleasant experience for our clients.

Mission Statement

At Dr. Insurance, we strive to (1) assist people and businesses in buying the widest insurance cover at the lowest possible price, (2) deliver high quality service and (3) make insurance a pleasant experience for the users.

Core Values

Client Focus, Integrity & Professionalism, Innovation

One of Dr. Inusrance's core values is maintaining a client focus, always. Recognising the unique needs of different client groups, the professionals at Dr. Insurance specialise by product and client industry. By accurately listening to its clients and working with them as a partner, Dr. Insurance can best develop solutions that work immaculately with their business. Only in this manner can Dr. Insurance help clients uncover and mitigate risks, so they can continue to operate as an ongoing success and pursue their "vision".

The second core value of Dr. Insurance is its unwavering commitment to professional integrity, ethics, honesty and fair dealing. We value integrity from both ethical and professional perspectives.

  • From the ethical perspective, we adhere to the highest standard of conduct by carrying out our work in an objective and unbiased manner, and by demonstrating respect for those with whom we interact.
  • From the professional perspective, we strive to assure accuracy, high technical quality, competence of our staff and consultants and excellent customer service.

Our third core value is innovation. Dr. Insurance builds on its strength and success by providing creative and resourceful contemporary solutions for its clients. The agility of our team ensures its commitment to innovation and advances its development in the provision of risk management and product delivery in this fast changing business climate.