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Dr. InsuranceTM is a boutique business consulting advisory that helps organizations proactively overcome the challenge of buying the right insurance cover at the best price and derive the best service support when a Loss / Damage happens.

Did you know that there are more than 30 insurance companies, each one of them claiming to be the best, hundreds of products to choose from, lots of fine print and insurance jargon in a recently de-tariffed market.

So, how would you shop around for the best deal ? Call up ten different insurance companies? check their websites? draw up comparison charts? and end up being frustrated ?

Relax ! Just call up www.doctorinsurance.in and find out the best deal. Not only you pay the Best Price, you get the service delivered, literally, at your door step. Its a one-stop shop for all your insurance needs.

Insurance does not strike most people as a topic of great interest but with that said insurance makes all of our lives as we live them today, possible. If there was no crime or accident in the world, if there were no disasters, if cars did not crash and if people did not get hurt / die in accidents, we could get by without insurance.

The simple truth about insurance is that nobody wants to pay out each year for their health insurance and nobody wants to see a huge and unexpected hospital bill staring at them. The truth is that insurance is a serious business.

And buying insurance is not just about shopping around for the lowest possible price. Its about understanding the clauses, locating the fine-print and finding out the delivery capabilities of the insurance company. The fine-print and the clauses in an insurance policy are like a mine-field, one wrong step and you are in a soup.

From understanding your specific need, to selecting the best insurance coverage, to identifying the best underwriter, to negotiating the best deal for a claim, we walk you through every stage of your insurance policy.

A commercial enterprise is only as secure as the insurance that backs it up, so the strong and adequately insured only will survive a major loss.

If you are an informed customer and seek specialist advice on products and services, Dr. Insurance is the right choice for you. Whether you are a Head HR looking to widen the coverage for your employee benefit insurance policies or a CFO looking for a 30% cut in the insurance cost, Dr. Insurance is the right choice for you.

The specialists at Dr. Insurance can guide you through the maze of insurance and risk management options, by providing you with your own bespoke package to meet all of your needs at a competitive price.

We have been doing just that since 1952 a commitment of 60 years through THREE generations.

We derive our inspiration from our customers, their business environment and the end users of insurance. To meet our customers exacting requirements, we leverage on our domain knowledge, research on industry & representative organizations and on our knowledge repository of industry practices.

As part of our innovative problem solving approach, we combine frameworks, tools, process, technology, analytical capability and functional focus groups through an involved operational engagement model to evolve multidisciplinary solutions that help address our customer needs. Our ready to use industry specific frameworks built around field experiences and ongoing research help reduce time to action and risk.